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Battle Royale: Pilates Vs. Lagree!!!


Admittedly, the title of this blog post is total click bait. There is no battle, the truth of the matter is that both Pilates and Lagree share similarities and differences. They are both excellent forms of movement. Let's be real, as long as you are moving you are living! BUT, we get the question all the time from those new to the Lagree method so here's our answer.

The Machine – you might think the Megaformer is a traditional Pilates reformer because the carriage moves, it uses spring tension and there are cables. That’s where the similarities stop. This is a full body workout class on a machine from the future. It’s longer/wider, adjustable handlebars and foot placements, multiple straps and cables, 250lb’s of selectable spring tension and nearly infinite possible foot/hand placements to help guide individual muscle focus in specific exercises. Transitions from move to move are made easy with numbering and color coded alignment bars on the carriage so you maintain quick transitions, clean form and are able to work efficiently during a 40 minute class.

Cadence – Traditional pilates targets the core and Lagree is no different in that way. But in Lagree multiple additional muscle groups are working at the same time and the movements are done VERY slowly to recruit more muscle fiber and help boost slow twitch muscle growth. The famous Lagree muscle shake is a byproduct of muscle exhaustion and lets us know we are really working. We are going for "maximum time under tension".

Transition – In Pilates, you typically take breaks in between each set of exercises (similar to certain Yoga classes or other classes you might pursue). In Lagree, ideally you move as quickly as you can between exercises with no rest and although you are moving as slow as you can during the movement with intense muscle control and contraction you are working those muscles to exhaustion efficiently. The shorter your transitions, the “longer” your work during class and the quicker the burnout which is why you can get such a strong full body workout in the 40 minutes.

Balance – In every Lagree class, there will be exercises that will challenge your stability. Though they may be leg or upper body exercises this stability challenge will force you to engage your core constantly bringing those incredibly important muscles back into all of the work that we do.

Muscle Focus – Pilates workouts do a great job of targeting muscle groups specifically and generally one at a time, while Lagree focuses on targeting multiple muscle groups at the same time. In every Lagree Megaformer class you will target your lower body, core and upper body one side at a time. It takes mental focus to stay with it. In this way, Lagree is a workout that is centered in functional movement for the life you love to live.

After a few Lagree classes you start to understand the purpose behind the method and will transition quickly between movements with a focus on clean form as absolutely slowly as you can go. When you know what movement is coming you find your flow state and at that point the sky is the limit for your physical and mental progress. As your core becomes stronger you really can’t plateau on a Megaformer, for as many modifications as there are for the beginning of your Lagree journey there are infinitely more ways to increase the burn and feel the shake. See you on the Mega!

Join us every Saturday in November with Lululemon Wailea Sweat of the Month for a free class at 7:00AM to sweat, shake and become a Lagree Maui Legend!

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